Friday, June 24, 2016

Dublin Day 5

Today we had another busy day going to the Leinster house and Google. Before that I went to the city to do some research with my partner, I ended up getting two interviews. Today we experienced “pouring” rain in Dublin, my partner and I literally had to stand in this man's store for shelter while it poured. The streets and sidewalks were flooded within 10 minutes. After the rain died down we had about 30 minutes until we had to meet the group, so we decide to eat at this café across the road from the Leinster house. This café ended up having delicious sandwiches; they reminded me of a good home cooked sandwich in America! When we met up with the group we toured the Leinster house. This was a very interesting tour, they showed us around most of the building and it had the most beautiful ceilings and chandlers inside. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside during the tour. After the tour we walked to Google, it started to rain but it wasn't pouring. Upon our arrival at Google they gave us name tags. Once everybody received their name tags Miguel and Ishmail showed us around there building. They showed us some of their lounge areas and canteens. We even went up to the top floor of their building which is the tallest building in Dublin, it only has 13 floors. The view from the top was gorgeous; you could see the ocean and the mountains. Then they gave us a little presentation about Google and how to get a job or internship, and then took us to the gift store. After visiting Google today I have been considering getting an internship after I graduate in spring, either in there NYC or Chicago location. Other than the rain today was a very good day and very informing.