Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1st full day in Brussels

Today is our first day in Brussels and I'm loving this hostel! Compared to the hostel in Paris I'm living in luxury!! lol This hostel is much more spacious, there are alot of foreign students who stay here, there is a bar here that stays open late, everyone speaks English, which makes it a great place to network and socialize. Jacques Brel is a great hostel! Today was a full day; I had orientation, went to the Embassy, and had class. I really enjoyed the embassy here! I appreciated the one here a little more vs the one in Paris because it focused more on the business students. At the Embassy we spoke with Anna and Danni who work in the department of Commerce. Anna is a foreign service officer who focuses on federal service and export service. She talked about Belgium, which is the Headquarters of the EU. She explained why a lot of people here speak English, and it's because Belgium is a small country and the people that live here cant afford to speak only one language like France. Mostly everyone that lives here know how to speak multiple languages and they have to in order to do business with different people. She also gave me some key information about starting a business overseas and investing overseas. After the Embassy I went to class and learned about STP which was interesting to me. After class I hung out in the hostel for a while.