Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday June 17th: Orientation, Sick Day, and the Interwebs!

A new city means it's time for more bureaucratic drumming of rules, regulations, and expectations that won't be met. I'm just kidding of course and I understand the necessity of holding an orientation. (Especially considering the number of travelers) In reality I was more anxious to check out Amsterdam and anything that delayed that would have been seen as negative.
Unfortunately no matter of willpower was going to get me hitting the streets of Amsterdam because I went to bed sick and woke up feeling worse. In fact, I spent most of the day in bed which makes writing about it a little difficult. Perhaps I should write about my dreams? Well, if they were interesting and I remembered them, that could have been a cool alternative. The good news is that I'm feeling better and I'm hoping to get whatever this is out of my system by tomorrow. Wish me luck!
On a more positive note, (sorry if the last bit sounded like whining) I did manage to get online and do some scouting for travel and tourism related businesses. Hopefully I'll be able to land some interviews in the next few days. Off to bed now though, this week is going to require lots of energy! I'll leave you with a snapshot of a typical street in Amsterdam. It's quite a beautiful place.