Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 22

This morning was filled with the great museum of Vincent van Gogh. No pictures of course were allowed inside of the building but I can tell you that his work is even more alive in person. The only negitive thing about my trip there was they didn't have a workshop functional like they promoted on their own website. So Instead of painting a replica of onee of his great paintings, I will have to make another trip to the Jewish market to see if I can find one there. They should be clearer on the website and post more recent times and dates for eager people like me. My room mates and I went out to eat at a local Italian resturant for the last night on the town. They were very chatty and nice people and they actually gave us a few freebies while we waited on our food. The only thing I won't miss about Europe is their resistance to seperate checks. I know it will be a long day tomorrow with an early morning but I couldn't help but stay out pretty late and enjoy the night with my new friends. I can always just sleep on the plane anyways.