Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7, 2012

This morning, I had a interview with Lao Yang who is the owner of a Chinese restaurant very closed to our hostel. He told me he has managed this restaurant for 27 years since 1985, at that time, there is no restaurant around this area except his. Most of his customers are the workers and artists from the film studio, sometimes some of them would wear the costumes when they have a dinner. At that period, he had a really good business, but later on, a lot of restaurants has been appeared in this area which caused a fierce competition, meanwhile, the film studio also got closed which became a motion university. His customers became to the students and neighborhoods, the profit is just enough for their living cost. As getting old, he and his wife decide to retire and sell their restaurants to others, then take care of their grandson to have a harmony family life.
At the afternoon, I went to the Hotel de Invalidate, which is built in 16th century for the disabled and old veterans living now it became to the Army museum. When I came in, I saw several veterans taking pictures with each other and one of them come to ask me "Do you want me take a picture for you?". I said" I would like take a picture with you.". He was glad to accept my request, when we take a picture he said I'm General Napoleon Bonaparte, you know?" He is so humor and nice and even doesn't like a general. In the museum, there is exhibition about Present Charles de Gaulle. Before this trip, I don't have to much acknowledgment about him, but after this trip I realize that he is a great man. If without him, then France will not be prosperous like today.