Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11

Today was the first full day in Brussels. Brussels is way different than Paris, it's alright here although I do miss Paris already. It is much quieter here & with less people. So far I really haven't been out as much as I have been in Paris. One thing I love about being in Brussels is how mice the hostel is, there is so much more space. Another thing is how there is much more food for breakfast & the lunch is pretty good. Today we went to the embassy, & spoke with a foreign officer about business. The things they do are pretty interesting especially how it related to breakfast. After the walk down to the embassy we came back to the hostel, then we had class from 4-6 that means I will get to sleep in a bit more here. After class we had such a great spaghetti dinner, probably the best dinner I have had in Europe. Later that night there was a concert, not really my type of misic but it was okay! I hope to go out a bit more during the week although I am having a great time just staying in the hostel & meeting new people.