Monday, June 4, 2012

Travel day-
I've been very fortunate that all of my previous flights have been without a hitch, and thankfully this one was too. Over all the airports were very fast and I was shocked that I got two meals on the nine hour flight. The lunch was not that great and the dinner was better but I want to eat French food not airplane food. But the hardest part was waiting for our luggage in Paris. When we arrived I was handed a flower at the airport entrance, which was a lovely gesture and a warm welcome.
First Day-
Made it in Paris, with so many things to do. The thing I have the hardest time adapting to is the keyboards over here. Hopefully with practice I can master them. Other than that the first day here was packed. First we had to get on the metro, which in my case was very difficult, since I've never been on a subway system before. After getting into my room with my five other roommates, a few of us explored Paris. First we tried some local food, Nutella crèpes beings my favorite so far. Then we walked to the church up the street which name is "The Sacred Heart" in English. With is white stones and stained glass windows it was quite a sight to see. There are so many good locations here just to sit down and enjoy the view. Later that night I went to the Louve with a small group since all museums were open to the public on Sundays. The was a huge line, as one could expect,but when we got inside it was overwhelming! There are so many things that are in there that I had to focus on searching for one thing. Which was the all of the Italian painting; including the great Mona Lisa.
After that we had fun riding the metro back to the hostel, and by this time I had only slept two hours on the plane ride over here. So I went to bed pretty early at 9pm and let me tell you THAT was heaven! Today we will be going on a three hour walking tour, and I look forward to the the bridge of locks. Where in a very romantic way you write the name of your loved one on the lock and then throw the key off into the water, so no matter what happens you will always have that bond with that person. I hope to meet a friendly person on the tour, but I'm sure I will have a great time regardless.