Monday, June 18, 2012

June 17

Our last orientation for our last city was this morning. It kind of makes me sad it’s almost over. It looks like my week is going to be packed to the brim with things to do though, which is a happy change from Brussels. I already went on the free walking tour this city has to offer. My guide’s name was Tom and he was from the United Kingdom, like my Paris guide Daniel was. I actually liked Tom’s tour better though because he asked us questions and made the tour more personal towards today’s world and not the ancient history. We walked all over the city from the national monuments to the red light district and then towards the Jewish and Chinese neighborhoods formally known as Heroin ally. We ended the tour near Anna Frank’s house and got a full recap of her story. I’m kind of jealous my roommates are able to go to that museum tomorrow instead of the flower market like me, but I can always go on Thursday or Friday if I have to go. I also got my last interview tonight when we came back for dinner with another hostel worker, Eva. I am so excited to see what else this great village has to offer.