Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye Paris!

Today is checkout day and I'm dragging because I didn't get any sleep! Like none! I'm glad I prepared for this the night before. Before we went to the club, I packed all my clothes and separated all my dirty clothes. So when I got in at 7AM, I got dressed really quick, grabbed my dirty clothes and walked down the street to the laundry mat. While my clothes was washing, I went back to the hostel to have breakfast. After breakfast, I go back to my room to find out my OLDer roommates (who has been failing to piss me off all week) poured juice all over my bed and on another roommate's stuff. If I wasn't so tired from partying all night and getting absolutely NO sleep, they would have succeeded this time! I was sooo tired that I really didn't give a who; plus the fact that we were about to check out and I was never going to sleep in that bed again added to my nonchalant attitude. Anyways I finished my laundry and we all headed out for our train to Brussels, which was not a good experience. We carried our luggage up a million steps, I thought my arms were going to break!! I was glad to finally get on the Thally train (which got us there way to quick) and take a nap!