Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5
Finally went on the free walking tour, and I was so glad I did! My tour guide's name was Daniel and he was from the United Kingdom. He was studying in Paris now for 4 years and know the city like a student should. He pointed out a lot that I had seen the past two days but he put meaning behind them and I felt closer to the city for it. I expected to walk the entire three hours without a break, but fortunately we stopped at the local Starbucks for a fifteen minute break. Which is were I had a lovely conversation and met a fellow traveler from Canada, named Stephanie. She and I clicked instantly and were talking the rest of the tour. At the end she had lunch with me and the small group of classmates. Which is where I actually tried snails, or escargo, and for me it had the texture of crab and the taste of spicy chicken. So it was delicious to me. Actually all of the food here has been a treat; from a simple pastry to a three course meal. I am turning into a foodie I'm afraid! So that was my day and I hope that tomorrow will be full of surprises and meet tons of new people.