Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, June 3rd was the first day in Paris! The flight was almost 10 hours long, but it was good and comfortable. I slept most of the way here. The first thing my group and I did when we arrived was got lost! I know it sounds terrible to be lost on the completely opposite side of the world, but I had a blast using the little french I know to help us on our little adventure. After an hour or so and a lot of help from nice locals, we found our way to our hostel. I was soooo tired from from toting my luggage for miles, up and down stairs, oh it was exhausting! I was glad to check into my room and be able to take a nap. I was so excited to see the everyday life of locals getting on and off the metro trains, riding bikes, or just sitting outside a cafè having a cup of coffee.