Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 8 Friday

Today was jammed packed with activites. A trip to the Louvre to get a picture of Venus de Milo. And then we went to the Arc de Triumphè with a few people from the world literature class. We had to walk to underneath the road with eight lanes of traffic roaring above us. Which was so cool to experince. But we climbed all the way up the arch and got a wonderful view of the city. We went back to H&M for some extras that I forgot yesterday and I think I'm falling in love with that store. Speaking of stores I got another experince planned tomorrow with a store called Lush. But we also went to the mordern art museum and searched for DeAndre's favorite artist. But unfortuantely they only had one painting of Dali so we headed back to the hostel. We went out with the film class and ate at Filafle, which served traditional Jewish food. I tried some sherwarma and didn't really like the sandwich version but I think I would have liked it on a plate. The trip to the pastry shop afterwards was great, I got a type of cheesecake with coffee topping. After that I headed back to the hostel and had to write down my day, since it was so packed. I want to relax tomorrow and pack before we leave so I won't be too stressed on Sunday morning. Paris has been great and unexpectingly beautiful. But I'm excited to get out of the hostel and into a bigger one, hopefuly with a nicer staff.