Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4 2012

Day two in Paris French was more of an adventure. Breakfast was at 730am they served us crasaunts, bread, and cereal. Not much different than American continental style. 10am me and a fellow student took the metro to a strip mall to get down to business. I got a stronger grasp of the metro system.  My first encounter was an upscale boutique. I attempted to speak my newly learned French upon entering and asked if they spoke English and they did. I was able to get a business card to schedule an appointment with the owner of the company. The second encounter was a boutique by the name of The Queen. The owner again spoke English and allowed me to conduct a complete interview. She was very polite and seemed enthusiastic to inform me of the story behind her successful business.  After the interview we made our way back to the Hostel to meet up for the walking tour of Paris. I met up with a group and made our way to the tour (late). Luckily the group hadn’t let and we were able to catch the full tour. The tour gave me the taste of Paris I was quenching for. I saw everything from the Famous Lauve Museum to the Effle tower. This was what most of my day consisted of.