Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11

This day was pretty cool, since yesterday was a recovery day. Orientation and class were good and helpful in remembering that we are actual students and not backpackers on vacations. I did stop by the mall trying to do some retail research. I found a small store in there but I think I will hold off for a full store before I use that for my comparison. Anyways my class went to the American embassy to hear about Brussels commerce. The presenter was more more business orientated and therefore was slightly more interesting than the one in France. Later that night the hostel, which I love, threw a free concert and served some great noodles for dinner. This hostel is youth focused and there are more than one schools here staying as well. So I met some nice German students to hang out with after the concert was over. Socializing with strangers is much easier here than it was in Paris.