Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday June 18th: Recovery, Action Plan, and First Amsterdam Photo Tour

I was feeling a little bit better today but not 100%. I spent the morning recovering and drinking lots of water. I got in front of the computer again this morning because yesterday lacked any kind of productivity. The hostel here in Amsterdam is busy and there seems to always be something going on.
Despite the distractions I managed to make a plan of attack for my week and hope to land some great interviews. I have high hopes to interview Senior Marketing Managers from two global travel firms, Kuoni and Club Med. I have also scouted several smaller companies and one travel firm that specializes in study abroad for Dutch high school and university students. Admittedly it has been difficult to get meaningful interviews and I'm not too keen on accepting interviews from local kiosks and small travel companies. I am looking forward to pushing myself to land greater scale interviews this week and in the future. I feel as though my interview skills and closing skills have improved in just these few short weeks. Tomorrow we are touring Flora Holland which will take up quite a bit of time but I intend to scout the locations of the travel company offices and make phone calls to set interviews for later in the week.
Thankfully the sunset is very late and I have plenty of time to get out and take some pictures. There's something about discovering a city from behind the lens that lets you get intimately familiar with a place. I'm feeling much better which is good because I plan to do a lot of walking. I've set two goals for myself; one is to capture as many good photos as possible, and two is to learn the layout of the city well enough to get around without a map. The buildings in this city have so much character and personality and seem to bend and move to match the canal streets. There are a few photos I've captured already that I am hoping to improve tonight and a few more that I saw but wasn't able to get yet. Here's a favorite of mine so far, I'm off to take some more!