Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last full day in Paris

Saturday was our last full day in Paris! :( I started the day off on the metro heading downtown to see Notre Dame.  I got off on the St.Michael's exit, not only because it was closest, but because I had to see the beautiful art work of the fountain again. On my way to Notre Dame I stopped and got some delicious ice cream that I ate while I was in line. I was glad I waited in that long line because Notre Dame was something I didn't want to miss. The place is so ancient and the art work so detailed and perfect; it was really a nice, peaceful vibe in there. Outside of Notre Dame I got a chance to feed the birds! It was so exciting! I would hold a piece of bread that I bought for 1€ and the little birds would just fly up to my hand and eat it; some would stand on my hand and fingers and eat. It was so cool!lol After that I headed to the Louvre, which is a must see! Oh my goodness it is sooo much in there I don't even know where to begin hahah you just have to see it for yourself. I wish I would have went there before Notre Dame because I needed sooooo much more time in there! After the Louvre everyone was tired so we got something to eat and headed back to the hostel. We were about to just go to bed but then we thought...Last Day In Paris!!! So we ended up getting dressed and going out to this club. It was a fun last night!!