Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 20

Rotterdam is one of the most scenic and refreshing cities I've seen in Europe. Also, I should have brought an extra pillow for the 10+ hours I was going to spend on my bike. I went on a great port cruise that showcased the cities most valuable assets. And while cruising I noticed all the great arcetchure in this place. We went to the Euromast afterwards and literally saw the entire city from a full 360 degree in the air. I stayed with Biff's class and then we went to the windmill and the great cube building. Both of which were so very cool to see. When we got done there we went to another park, safer for bikes and it had an enclosed space you could feed baby raindeer. We had a drink at some more windmills and then we headed home. Finding the train station was a little harder than we anticipated but we made it back and I felt proud of myself for keeping up with everyone on bike all day. It deffinately was a highlight to my trip.