Friday, June 15, 2012

Tuesday June 12th: EU Parliament, Interview Hunting, and Photo Walk

I didn't have the success I was hoping for today landing interviews. I was able to get some leads though and I'll keep trying until they give me an interview. I was hoping to have a more productive morning before the EU Parliament visit this afternoon but it isn't as easy in Brussels because there are fewer opportunities.
The EU Parliament was very cool! I was pleased to find out that I knew more about Europe than I originally gave myself credit and was happy to learn more about the political and economic decision making. The EU is one complicated mess when it comes to the political and economic situations. I think most people forget that our economic and political systems are really just elaborate experiments and we don't have it all figured out yet. This is especially true for Europe and the EU.
After the EU visit I set out to explore Brussels from behind the lens. Photography is a new hobby of mine and I'm finding I really enjoy putting my headphones on and heading out to get lost in a city taking pictures. Just like economics... I have a lot to learn in about photography and I fear it will be quite a few years before I start producing noteworthy work. Nonetheless, I was pretty happy with this one from this evening.