Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 9

So today is the the last day in Paris and although I don¨t want to leave I am excited to move on to the rest of Europe too.Today was nice because I caught up on laundry and getting packed for Sunday. Though that didn't last for too long because I went out to St. Denis with some of the guys to get a haircut. That turned out to be more of a culture shot than eating snails, because staying over here you forget petty shop disputes and little kids running around acting up. Also it wasn't as expensive as the rest of Paris had been so on this trip. We have other things to do, such as go to the Arts Bridge again for a personal reason. There are hundreds of locks on this bridge that lovers and friends write their names on and then throw the key in the river behind then sealing their bond forever in Paris. Which is exactly what I did. That was one of the simple pleasures I had to partake in when I found out I would be studying abroad. So after that I met up with some others and we decided to go out to eat one last time in the "City of Lights". We ended up going back out to St. Michel and eating in one of the side restaurants. One of my room mates had a friend Cecilia, visiting from northern France and she helped us order quicker and work out the check faster. In fact she was so helpful and familiar with both cultures I decided she would be my final French interview., which will be tomorrow morning before we leave. After dinner we all hung outside soaking up the fresh Paris night air and taking it in was bitter sweet. I know there is going to be so much excitement to come but this first city was so wonderful. I cant wait to go on the train in the morning for the first time.