Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day Two June 4
Free breakfast was the best I've ever had in any hotel setting!Today we got our Metro pass will will let us travel for free for the rest of Paris. As for the three hour walking tour I missed it today. But I did find my way around Paris better than I did yesterday. Also it wasn't a good day for exchanging the American dollars to Euros, because the banks weren't open today. I'm finding that Europe is very relaxed when it comes to office hours. It's not a problem though because tomorrow we will succeed on making the tour. But I decided to tag along with the world literature class for a trip to the Eiffel Tower which was great. I took plenty of pictures though unfortunately it was too cold for my outfit and I didn't want to walk or climb it so I walked around the area, while the rest of the class went up. There were a lot of great foods and cheap vendors that were around the landmark. All in all a great day and a long night!