Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7 Thursday

Today was very full of activities. With the Guest speaker, Tomas from Euro Monitor we learned of his real life experince of putting class room theory to practise. Although he works in the field of statistical data and formulas where my studies are leading me towards a more sale oreintated path. I took note of his detremination and it was nice to know that a business path has real jobs and not just the ones you hear from hearsay. After that I went with a group to the cementary where many famous people are buried. Then as a smaller group we broke off and went shopping!!! This brought my mood up significantly. I shopped one of the H&M stores and then we had dinner. After we came back to the hostel I got two other ladies together and we went to get ice cream; where we got lost to and from the shop on my faulty sense of direction. Luckly we were helped by a number of Parisians who spoke English. One of which I squeezed in a snall interview. Tonorrow I shall go museum hopping and get a full taste of French culture over the next two days.