Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012

After finishing all the interviews, I feel so good because I can go anywhere without worry about the assignment. At 10 o'clock, everybody get together in the lobby, we will to visit the world famous and the biggest museum --The Louvre. I'm so excited, however, when I came into the museum something happened. There is an elevator stopped working, so me and my friend had to walk through the elevator. When we went upstair, I kick the guy behind me incautiously,at the same time, somebody yielded to this side then I turn around found that guy gave my wallet back. I'm so confused and scared. The I realize he try to steal my money but I didn't perceive that. Fortunately, the staff catch that spot. Behind that guy, there are two pretty girls and I think they are the group, because of the staff catching them. The staff only talk to them, but did not send them to the police station or let them any punishment. I don't know why. When people do the wrong thing, they should be get punishment. But why just let them go. Before this happened, one of professor almost lose his wallet and the theft was a woman. Lately, when my another roommate come back, she said one of our classmates almost lose his wallet too. But nobody send him to the police station. I think why there are so many thieves just because they did not get any punishment when they do the wrong thing. Then they will keep doing theft and others also find that is easy to get money, more and more people will do theft. In my opinion, no matter in which kind of city should not be like this, not mentioned a historical and pretty city, everyone freaks out the thieves and homeless. How could it let people love this city?