Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12 2012-Belgium

Today was the third day in Belgium. Got a late start after a late night of excitement. I woke up with to minimal but appreciated internet access in my room. I attempted to catch up on a few things. Following this I got ready for our 2:00 meeting to attend the European Parliment. We took around a 25 minute walk to the Union building across meters of bumping coble stone. Upon our arrival we made our way in the builing through a relatively heavy crowd. We were directed to a small lecture room where we were enlightened with information about the European Union. The lecture was informative but admittedly a bit draining. Following this event I made my way to the local mall City 2 to try and get a few interviews from the some retail stores.  I was suprisingly able to get on the metro for free,  Unlike unlike anywhere I have ever experienced.  The metro let me right into the mall. I had some difficutly getting interviews before the mall closed nowever I was a ble to squeeze in an appointment. After the mall close me and a few Tncis friends ate at a delicious grill across the street (almost felt at home). After this I made my way back to the hostel to wind down the evening. Day three in Belgium.