Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another busy and fun day in Paris!  

Our class site visit today was to Le Musée de la Contrefaçon (The Museum of Counterfeiting), a fascinating place.  Created in 1951 by Unifab, an association of manufacturing companies that united to protect industrial and artistic property, the museum displays authentic and their counterfeit counterparts next to each other.  

Items on the left authentic
Items on right counterfeit

The hour tour went by very quickly and then it was back to the hostel to grab the material I needed for my visit to the American Library in Paris.  I originally planned to take the metro, but the hostel’s front desk convinced me that it is a shorter walk and the metro would be as hot or hotter than walking. 

Along the way I had a terrific view of a side of the École Militaire that put the iconic Parisian landmark behind.  

Not much farther down the road I caught a glimpse of Musée de l'Armée that holds Napoleon’s tomb. 

Rue de General Camou
American Library in Paris Location

 The American Library in Paris sits directly in the shadow of  the Eiffel Tower and houses a collection that includes  volumes signed by Hemingway and Langston Hughes and a  marvelous example of how Marlene Dietrich would jot  margin notes in biographies about her.

Hughes & Hemmingway
Marlene Dietrich's Commentary
After the library visit I couldn’t resist paying a quick visit to the Eiffel Tower since I was only a block away.  I look forward to our class outing to this singular structure tomorrow!