Monday, July 27, 2015

The day began with breakfast and orientation immediately followed by a brief marketing class meeting where we shared our research plans for the week.  Dr. V adjusted our neighborhood assignment for Berlin and instructed us to gather a set of data/photos in the former East Berlin and West Berlin areas.  I have read that while the East was a wasteland when the Wall fell the West was the model of commerce.  Now, according to several guidebook sources, those roles have somewhat reversed.  The eastern portion of Berlin is described as the vibrant area and the western part of Berlin described as having lost its leading edge.

I look forward to learning more of Berlin’s history and seeing as much as possible of what this city has to offer during my final week abroad.

The first outing for Berlin was to Deutsche Bahn Mobility Networks Logistics located on Potsdamer Platz.   Dr. Bastian Grunberg, head of Management and Marketing Analysis for DB favored our group with a presentation on the company’s brand architecture strategies. 

View of Potsdamer Platz

Near this high rise were remnants of the Berlin Wall.   I vividly recall when the Wall came down in 1989 and memories of the news coverage a quarter century ago mingled with the images posted between wall segments and the wall itself transforming the steps I freely took from one side of the wall to the other a privilege I do not take lightly.

A classmate and I explored near our hostel this afternoon and came across the Neue Synagoge built in the later part of the 19th century.   Nearby stood the Bode-Museum, another visually striking building, that was restored after WWII.    
Neue Synagoge

View of the Spree River from Bode-Museum