Monday, July 20, 2015

(Day 8) Walking Tour

Today was my first full day in Amsterdam and I'm already starting the love the culture and feel of this city. We started the day off with a marketing class walking tour of Amsterdam. We had the perfect tour guide, a humorous Canadian who move to the Netherlands 6 years ago. As we walked the city we got to visit many different neighborhoods and learn some interesting facts about Amsterdam, like why the reason there is a church in the middle of the infamous red light district. Halfway through the tour we took a break at a great restaurant called La Place where I had the best strawberry and orange smoothie I've ever had. After, we walked passed a famous coffee shop and learned a quick lesson on the history and origin of the Amsterdam Coffee Houses. Although the tour was long, it was filled with many jokes and laughs.  In all, the tour really gave us a great background on the city and gave us a feel for where everything is located. Finally, we headed back to the hostel after the tour and worked on some assignments untile dinner. The first full day in the city was great and prepared me for some my week in Amsterdam.