Friday, July 24, 2015

Day Twelve Cat Cafes and Clubs

Cat Cafes, Gallery Interviews, Clubs, oh my!
            Today was an extremely jam-packed day indeed! I slept in just a bit and went for pancakes with a few friends. I was feeling daring so I ordered a pancake pizza, complete with cheese, olives, and tomato sauce. Next on the list of things to do for the day was to go to my appointment for the Cat Café! Upon entering, my friend and I were told to sanitize our hands and not take any flash pictures or handle the cats. We sat at a small table and found ourselves instantly surrounded by seven cats of different colors and sizes. I approached one that was seemingly friendly and made an attempt to pet it, getting clawed at in reply. I suppose it was trying to take a nap. The others were much friendlier, but were quite evasive. This is understandable, considering all of the cats were rescued and are still very skittish. After consuming the small meal I had ordered, I hung around for a bit and examined my surroundings. All of the people around me only communicated through Dutch and I felt like quite an outsider. However, the waitresses did their best to accommodate my friend and I and I thought they were successful. Afterwards, I purchased two of the shirts they sold there: One for myself and the other for my sister.
            My friend and I took the tram back to the hostel and got dinner before our group riverboat cruise. The cruise itself went smoothly, but the ride did not. I chatted with a few new friends while we listened to the educational tour guide from the speakers above. However, we managed to bump into the sides of the canal several times, startling the group. Once the tour was over, I headed back to the hostel to prepare myself for my first real club experience. Although the venues were both talked up considerably, I wasn’t particularly impressed with either of them. The first was free, but played fairly old music. The second, Paradiso, was 17 euros to enter, and played ANCIENT music. Bob Marley and ACDC were the most notable of the tunes I heard. I am a huge fan of both groups, but not at a club. I went back to the hostel early to get some sleep.