Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 20 (Shop till you drop!)-Berlin

So, I definitely took advantage of the fact that we had no site visit this morning. I slept in so hard. I didn’t get out and about until noon! My classmates and I went to a burger restaurant called “Hans Im Gluck”, of which I’ve actually been three times now. Lol. German burgers are absolutely amazing. I still can’t believe I had a burger for breakfast though. That is definitely one thing that I miss about the U.S; you can have breakfast at any time of day.
PRIMARK clothing store and Alexander Plats festival
Right after we ate, I hit the train with Darren and Ally to Alexander Plats! There was a festival going on over there, and a discount store called PRIMARK that everyone has been talking about. When we got there, there were so many vendors selling all kinds stuff. There were even teams of people selling the service of hair braiding on the spot. That was pretty cool to see. I wish I would have gotten a picture. Right next to the hair braiding station I saw some really cool hats, but with no price on them. You know what that means…. You’ll never know what the true price of the hat is, because that vendor is going to tell you its worth 50 bucks and then try to make you feel special by giving you a “special offer” of 20. Lol I didn’t end up buying the hat, and I glad I didn’t because the PRIMARK store was EVERYTHING!! As you know, I usually don’t even like shopping, but I found a lot of thing that I needed very quickly.
The TV Tower of Berlin

            Tonight, we’re going to be taking a class trip to the TV Tower. This is the tourist attraction where you can see the entire city of Berlin from 207 meters in the air. According to my research, it is the highest publicly accessible building in Europe. This should be a pretty exciting experience. Well, before we go I want to get a workout in. No pain, no gain. But, burgers and fries+Gelato=no gain as well Lol. Dieting abroad sucks.