Saturday, July 18, 2015

(Day 6) Last Train to Paris

It's hard to believe that today was my final day in Paris, it's such a bittersweet moment because I'm thankful for having the opportunity and ready to see the other cities also I completely fell in love with the city of Paris.

However today was still a great day and was a great way to end my Paris experience. Today I met up with my friend who is actually doing another study abroad program in Florance, Italy and came to visit Paris for the weekend. First we met up to go the Musse D'Orsay and the Lourve, both were beautiful places. I even had a chance to see some artwork by Van Gogh and to take a picture of me pinching the Louvre. After the Museum visits we came across a mini amusement park/festival going on not too far from the Louvre.

 Filled with great activities for all ages and food that smelled addictive; this place was definitely where I was meant to be. Consequently we had to experience at least one attraction so we decided to do a bungee ball ride that throws you above the city and if you can get past the fear that comes along with it also offers a beautifully breathtaking view of the city. After that we had a great carnival meal with sausage and fries that absolutely completed our experience. Finally, we walked around the city some more and explored until we were too tired and then I said my final goodbyes to the city and went back to the hostel to pack.