Thursday, July 23, 2015

(Day 11) Rotterdam

Today had to be the absolute best day of this trip so far because today we rode bikes! We woke up this morning, ate breakfast, and immediately got on a train to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

 After being in Amsterdam and seeing the bike traffic there, I was not too excited about riding bikes but once we got our bike and started riding I definitely realized it was a great experience. First we headed to the pier to take a boat cruise of Rotterdam's port.

Although it was cold. it was an enlightening and beautiful experience. On the boat cruise I decided to create a photo series entitle "Girl in Water" featuring my fellow classmates. Next we headed to get lunch where I enjoyed tasty crab salad in a building with walls and ceilings filled with interesting art. After lunch, we headed to a nice tower in Rotterdam that took us in the air above the city which gave us a great view of the city.
Finally, we headed to a beautiful park with a gorgeous pond and an incredible view. Also, while at the park we had to opportunity to not only see deer but also feed them. Although there were a few tough moments riding the bike through the city and keeping up with Dr.V, in all it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.