Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day Three Exploring Paris

Another day, another fantastic experience!
Today was the day that the marketing program group would go together to The Marais Promenade Des Plantes! On the way there we observed a different setting than the previous districts we had visited. The roads were smaller and laced with cobblestone, stuck between two sets of narrow sidewalks. We ate at an Israeli restaurant where everyone tried Falafels, or fried hummus. Our professor was kind enough to not only purchase us the meal, but also a small bakery dessert to bring to a nearby park. Everyone chose something different, and I picked a lemon pie garnished with a sliced lemon. Since it was a sweltering day, we tried our best to sit in the shade with our deserts. Once we finished, we walked along The Marais Promenade Des Plantes and enjoyed the view as much as we could despite the intense heat. Eventually, however, we had to go back to the hostel since the warmth was so overwhelming. After doing a bit of marketing work, a few friends and I went to enjoy some wine, cheese, and bread at a local eatery. We all shared stories and truly had an amazing time.