Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 9: if you hear a bell, run like hell

Remember earlier in the week when I said I thought my feet were going to fall off? Yea well that doesn’t even compare to the amount of walking I did yesterday. We woke up bright and early and headed down stairs for breakfast; I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was to find cold milk to accompany my cereal. After breakfast we were to meet in the lobby for a walking tour of the city of Amsterdam. I am fully confident that our class got stuck with the best tour guide New European Tours has. He was so informative and knew so much of the city and it’s history it was very interesting. Not to mention he was so enthusiastic and trying to get everyone involved by asking a lot of questions and giving us all kinds of fun facts about the areas we were walking through. He made walking ten miles a lot of fun. It was so interesting to see how the locals see and live within the city. He ended the tour just around the corner from the Anne Frank House that was a line I don’t wish to stand in for two+ hours. After the tour my classmates and I decided to do some exploring of our own, after all the city is so small we figured we could knock out our district assignments in one day. Our group eventually split into two smaller groups because we had two different ideas about how to get home. The word lost probably doesn’t even come close to describing what we were.  After my classmates decided they had had enough fun for one day they headed back to the hostel, reluctant to go back I followed anyway not willing to be anywhere alone. On the walk back we ran into several familiar faces in the park that is right next to our hostel, my classmates continued back to the room and I stayed and enjoyed the new company in the park. I was surprised to find so much light pollution in the sky, something I thought I would get away from when leaving Paris.