Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 7: goodbye Paris

Today was an exhausting day for all of us, we left Paris headed to Amsterdam. The group met at 8 A.M. outside of the hostel to walk to the metro together, lucky for us we were a little more prepared knowing what to expect this time traveling on the metro while carrying our entire luggage.The train ride was very quiet, which makes sense with almost an entire train car full of sleeping bodies. Once we arrived in Amsterdam our hostel was only a short tram ride and few blocks within walking distance. We quickly settled in our rooms and got comfortable, and then I took another short nap before dinner. Dinner every night is provided by the hostel and it is great. Probably the best meals I have had on this trip yet. My first thought, “Oh my gosh real food hmmm!”  I intend to take full advantage of the free buffet every night we are here; after all I am a poor college student on a budget. After dinner I went up to my room, grabbed my laptop and came back down to the lobby to work on some assignments for the remainder of the night. I have only one comment to make about being in the lobby during the wee hours of the morning; things get interesting. While I was working quietly in a corner by myself, I witnessed approximately four people get kicked out of the lobby.The hotel security manager allowed for this public display of affection to carry on for about 30 minutes before he demanded to see the room keys of the men and told the women they must leave immediately.It was a good first night to see the environment and the nightlife of Amsterdam. Now for my own personal experience with the nightlife of Amsterdam, several of us have decided to go out on the town tonight. There are flyers in the lobby advertising a nearby piano bar and we are eager to see what it is all about.