Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 13 (The Night Life)-Amsterdam

            Today was such a relaxing day! We didn’t have anything to do in the morning, so a full eight hours of sleep was gained! I treated myself to breakfast at “The Pancake Corner” in hopes of finally getting a taste of home, but of course I was wrong. Apparently when you order pancakes here in Amsterdam, you are really ordering a “Dutch Pancake”, which is a semi sweet crepe! It is very thin, and covers your entire plate. I was definitely looking forward to having a nice stack of round and fluffy cakes. Its ok though, I ordered an omelet with it, and that was amazing!
            After breakfast, I did a little shopping. I bought a really cute skirt, a top, a hat, and a 12 set of earrings. Guess how much I paid for all of it… ONLY 35 BUCKS! I think I did pretty goodJ Especially considering the fact that I actually hate shopping, and I’m usually not so good at shopping “smart”.
Happy Birthday Dad!
Post shopping and traveling with my classmate to a few of her interviews, I had to make a very important call. It’s my dad’s birthday!!!! I called him on FaceTime at 9am their time, which is 4pm over here in Amsterdam. I just knew that he would still be asleep, but luckily he wanted to get up early anyway. The family was traveling to Chicago to celebrate and watch a live cubs game! I wish I could have been there with them. My brother sent me a ton of photos. I even got a little emotional. Lol

On the canal
The night ended with a beautiful evening tour of the canal. All of the bridges were lit, and it was so cool to see actual houses sit on the waters! After the tour, Grandmaster Flash, an old famous hip hop DJ, showed us a great time! He was the special guest tonight at Paradiso, which is a live music venue. We were the trendsetters of the party! We started doing “The electric slide” and everyone jumped in to learn it and dance with us! Clearly, the nightlife was the highlight of Day 13 in Amsterdam!
The Grand Master Flash