Thursday, July 16, 2015

(Day 4) Arc de Triomphe

As day four started we aimed to continue our research with a couple more interviews with our certain companies. This time we traveled into a new neighborhood again a more high-end one to get my classmates second interview. She conducted another successful interview and even had the opportunity to buy a sweater from the store. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my second store in the city, so we headed back to the hostel to meet the psychology class to explore more. We were able to see Arch de Triomphe and had the opportunity to pass a lot of stores like Louis Vitton, Zara, and even Cartier.

 After that adventure, we had to meet up with Dr. V for dinner and to see a neighborhood called the swamp. First we had dinner at a traditional Jewish restaurant where we tried falafels and other Jewish food. After dinner, we walked to get dessert from a small pastry shop and went to eat it in a small park in the neighborhood. It was simply an amazing day from the beginning to simply sitting in the hostel during the night and working on my paper.