Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 9: laundry & guest speaker day

Today I finally did laundry; It felt so good to have clean clothes again. Today was officially the half way mark through our trip; I can’t believe we are already half way through.  I slept in today, I think it was the first time I haven’t got up before 10 this entire trip; and even though I missed breakfast it was well worth it. After I was finished with my laundry I had just enough time to run upstairs and drop off my clothes and then come back down stairs for out meeting. A guest speaker visited us today his name is John Verhoven, Ph.D. He spoke to us today about business models and how to create new business models. He discussed the difficulty in being creative in a modern digitalized world. After the meeting I headed out on the town to grab a bite to eat for lunch, skipping breakfast was finally catching up with me. I picked up a cheeseburger from around the corner and brought it back to Vondelpark to eat and just enjoy the atmosphere. I spent an hour or two in the park just laying in the grass enjoying the beautiful weather here, its so much better than Paris. I love the greenery here I missed the smell of grass and the cool shade of trees on the hot sunny days. After everyone had had something to eat at dinner a hand full of us decided to go explore the nightlife of Amsterdam. Once again we ended up back in Vondelpark laying in the grass while star gazing, theres just something about that park that keeps you coming back for more.
                        Leave it to a bright flash to ruin your stare gazing experience.