Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 16 (First day in Berlin)

This afternoon, the marketing and accounting students were given the awesome opportunity to visit the corporate office of DB, or Deutsche Bahn. DB is a mobility networks and logistics company. We actually used the passenger transport services of DB when we traveled from Amsterdam to Berlin on the train. Though we had a tough train experience, we had to understand that Amsterdam has never had storm so severe. I hear they even named it! Therefore, we had to give DB the benefit of the doubt.
Deutsche Bahn Visit
            We walked into the DB building, and they took us to the same floor as the CEO. The view from the meeting room was absolutely gorgeous! The presentation lasted a couple of hours, but it was extremely informational and taught us a lot about the marketing strategies of a major corporation.

German Chocolates!
After the presentation, Dr.V decided to test our directional skills. He let us lead the way back to the hostile. Initially, we did go the wrong way, but with a little guidance we were able to get back to the right station. When we got to the station, we stopped by the super market. One of my classmates picked up something that I had been looking forward to this whole trip, GERMAN CHOCOLATE! A woman that I know from Germany told me that the number one chocolate that I needed to try was “Milka”, and it was AMAZING! No more chocolate for me though. I have a figure to watch. lol