Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 3: Adventures with Dr. V.

Today is the day that my feet fell off, just kidding but it sure does feel like they want to. I got to see so much of Paris today, so many different districts and building structures. Dr. Lukosius guided our class on a field trip today, we visited the "swamps", the Bastille area, and to la Promenade Plantée. All three of these ares were extremely interesting and special in their own ways. The "swamps" is just an old nick name for the Israeli district of town, which is filled with shops and the oldest old café in Paris. I loved talking a walk through that part of town, so many new things to see and try. Such as falafel bites, lamb shawarma pita sandwiches, and several pastries my classmates and I had never had. I feel like I truly got the cultural experience today, which is great considering we were told we were going to the part of town the locals go to get away from tourists. While on our little adventure Dr. Lukosius also guided us to an above ground garden, which stretches for 3 miles above the city, and what a great view it is. My classmates and I also visited the Bastille area and used this district in our district assignments. After all of our group exploring was done, I hopped off the metro for a little adventure of my own, The Louvre! I didn't actually go inside the museum, but theres so much to see outside it is difficult to know where to place your focus. I walked through the garden there as well, sat by the fountain for a while and just soaked in all my experiences for the day. It was wonderful, and the best part, you can still see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Once I was finished I just jumped back on the metro and came back to the hostel, because like I previously mentioned I thought my feet were going to fall off.