Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yesterday started with another early morning to exercise in beautiful Vondelpark, but I took a different route this morning and found some lovely places. 

One of our assignments is to interview a local resident and our group was fortunate this morning that a friendly local approached us and agreed to be the subject of our interview.  We asked her what local food she recommends we not miss.  Her response was to try bitterballen and to be sure to eat these happy bombs with mustard.  It just so happens that our hostel serves this local treat so we did not let our new Amsterdam friend down. 

We had a very informative guest speaker, John Verhoeven from Fontys Academy for Creative Industries.  Mr. Verhoeven presented much information on the Netherlands and the creative arts industry in this country followed by an overview on business model innovation.  Mr. Verhoeven will be visiting TSU this fall and I look forward to attending his more in depth program at our College of Business. 

This evening I had the good fortune to be included in another class's excursion to the Anne Frank house.  I am indebted to Mrs. Davies and Dr. Northcutt for their generosity and to the students in the other class who were very welcoming to their group.

Upon entering the Anne Frank house a sense of solemnity quieted the crowd.  The old bricks that I stepped across have felt the footfalls of innumerable people heading up the narrow and steep staircases to the cramped spaces where Anne and the others hid.

Seeing the hand-written letters from those in hiding, hearing the recorded voices of those who knew Anne and viewing Anne’s actual diaries made the humanity of Anne's familiar story resonate strongly within me and elicited sadness for her tragic life mingle with a thankfulness that she was able to give voice to all those who died silently during that dark time in the world’s history.   This was an unforgettable experience. 
Original Street Entrance to Anne Frank House

Upper Floors of Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House Museum Entrance