Friday, July 31, 2015

Day Eighteen Berlin Tower

Berlin is home to some of the best burgers ever.

            I slept in more this morning than I have during the entire three weeks in Europe. I had nothing planned until 20:00, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I went out for some authentic German burgers at a nearby restaurant and took my order: a fruit drink and burger with goat cheese and a special sweet sauce. The drink came with a gooseberry garnish and actually included ice! It was so refreshing (literally) to have received such a delicious treat. Next came the actual burger which was absolutely heavenly. After the burger, some mint tea that came with the order combo was delivered to the table. I left the restaurant and went to the hostel to work on my marketing research paper. It was only until the evening that I went out again.
I headed to the lobby to meet with the rest of the marketing group and make our way to the Berlin Tower. Once we arrived, our professor pointed out the lofty TK Maxx that stood before us. I’m not entirely sure why it could just be called TJ Maxx like how it is in the states, but I found it amusing nonetheless. We all headed to the tower and were escorted into a large elevator that separated our group into two. I exited and immediately found myself surrounded by huge windows which functioned to see the Berlin skyline. It was dusk, so the buildings looked especially beautiful in the dim lighting. Unlike the other towers I had visited in Europe, this one was indoors and also included a bar and restaurant. The group winded our way in a circle and went past tons of people to see the city from every angle that the tower allowed for us. Once we had finished looking around we went back down from the tower.
Our professor was kind enough to take the group to a nearby festival and try bratwurst for the first time (currywurst doesn’t count). Although I despise sausages, the dish was extremely delicious. My friend led me to a robotic dragon that supposedly spit flames (I was ecstatic about that), but by the time I had gotten to it the machine was not operational. It was bittersweet, spending my last evening of excursions with the group I had gotten to know so well. My friend and I explored the train station a bit before heading back to the hostel to get some sleep for the next day.