Friday, July 24, 2015

Today was Amsterdam Museum Day #1 for me.  I started out visiting the Van Gogh museum, not far form where our group is staying. 

This museum does not allow photography.  Add this to the well-planned flow of the exhibits and it made for a wonderful experience! 

Van Gogh’s deliberate, conscious decision to become an artist is inspiring and it emphasizes the benefits of hard work, dedication and practice, practice, practice no matter what your passion. Van Gogh truly epitomizes the essence of Dutch determination, but sadly, with a tragic end. 

Image on museum wall - photography allowed here!
The exhibit of Van Gogh’s letters was probably my favorite part.  Yes, the collection of paintings and drawings are incredible and I spent three hours wandering the museum, but the letters demonstrated a form of communication that is practically lost today.  Van Gogh and his contemporaries invested time and effort into connecting with family and friends through the written word.  A letters is a loving and thoughtful missive that strengthens friendships and relationships, something that our modern channels of communication fail to do. 

After Van Gogh and a quick herring lunch I enjoyed a stroll through the history of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Museum then stopped for a pick-me-up espresso.  The Dutch are so wonderful; chocolate accompanied my coffee!

Re-energized I headed to Rembrandt’s House where I enjoyed an experience that rivaled my time with Van Gogh.  I felt a strong connection to all those who have gone before me as I walked through where this Golden Age master lived. 

Statue of Rembrandt in Rembrandtplein

Some of Rembrandt's collection of "rarities"

In Rembrandt's Kitchen

Rembrandt's House Paint Preparation Demonstration
Tonight our entire group goes on a canal cruise.  More on that later!