Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 19 Shop till you drop

Finally, we got to sleep in today. It was great I don’t think a single member of the marketing class made it to breakfast, which we didn’t care we were happy to sleep through it. Once we had all got up our room plus Darren decided to walk to a burger place around the corner for lunch, brunch, post breakfast; whatever you want to call it. After we had lunch we all headed to the part of town I had been the night before, Alexander Platz, that's where the festival was going on. This also happens to be the part of town where the store Primark is, which is an extremly fashionable and affordable store is located. I'm pretty sure I am the only person in the group who hasn't visited this store and of course I can't be the odd ball out, and boy am I happy I went. I bought so much clothes for only 32 euros. Once we returned to the hostel from shopping we went back to the hostel to get some assignments finished before our big date with Dr. V. I have really enjoyed our trips out with Dr. V it's so nice to have a guide that knows so much about the area, it is almost like having a local show us around. After the T.V. Tower Dr. V treated us to dinner from a vendor at the festival. I finally had a currywurst which is something everyone loves to eat here in Germany, and I definitely don't regret it. After we ate we headed back to the hostel to change clothes, we had plans go out on the town for out last full night here in Berlin. We had a great night out, Berlin sure knows how to party us Americans had to call it quits early compared to the locals.