Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(Day 9) Guest Speaker & Seafood Scandal

Day 2 in Amsterdam for me started with our guest speaker from a local university, John Verhoeven. He spoke with use about his Fontys University and Marketing which is the subject he teaches at the university. HIs presentation was very informative and interesting. First he gave us a brief history of the Netherlands like their favorite color is orange and how there are 19 million bikes in the Netherlands. Then he went all to talk about the university and then a little about Marketing in the creative industries. after he finished my interest was definitely sparked about this university and even maybe one-day studying full time in another country. Following the guest speaker a fellow classmate and I went to get lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant and this is where the fun began. As we read over the menus everything sounded great and we were excited about trying this great restaurant; however, we ordered a two person platter and when it came we realized everything was cold and even raw. So, after attempting to eat that we came to the conclusion that neither one of us would enjoy the meal so we asked for something else. The next platter we ordered was much better simply because everything was cooked and looked great, but unfortunately we realized that even this one had a couple of things that we did not eat. Once we finished eating everything on the platter that we liked we were left with a plate full of mussels and squid. So, at the end of the day I learned one great lesson; ask about the food before you order it.