Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day Ten Company Visit

More exploring!

             I woke up bright and early today in order to visit a company called Reed. After two shots of espresso, I was ready to go! On the way, we encountered several wild rabbits, to which I reacted excitedly. Upon entering the facility, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist who granted each person a lanyard for further access to the building. We were elevated to the fourteenth floor and listened intently at the guest speaker after being greeted with tea, coffee, waters, and cookies. She was immensely thorough and I learned quite a bit from her presentation. She took us to the other higher floors of the establishment after the presentation, and I was in awe over how modern the interior design was. Each floor had a completely different theme and color scheme to it, and everything was entirely up to date. One of the floors even smelled like flowers (but it may have just been the gigantic arrangement sitting in the window)! Since the floors are so high up, the people who work there have a fantastic view of the city.After a group picture, everyone headed out and went their separate ways to continue the day on their own time. I chose to give the Cat Café another go with one of my other friends. Appointment only. Figures. My friend and I went back to the hostel where I almost immediately made an appointment for the Cat Café. Third time’s the charm.