Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 16 Finally I had my schnitzel

This morning for breakfast my roommate and I decided to venture a little bit and actually order breakfast from the bar rather than “enjoy” another bowl of corn flakes. The sausage links I got were everything I had hoped for I will say that. After breakfast I went back to my room to work on some more journal entries and other assignments we have going on, I allowed myself to get a little behind while in Amsterdam and now I am playing catch up. Our scheduled event for the day was to visit the Parliament building here in Berlin; this is equivalent to visiting Congress back in the United States. They actually split our group into two separate groups to makes the tour experience must easier, and yet again I think I was lucky enough to be placed with the better tour guide. I felt like we really got the true history behind such an important building. It was so important to me to see the inscriptions on the walls written by the Russian soldiers during the War. I think it is so admirable that they keep that history apart of them and apart of their present life. After our visit, we all ventured out to find some dinner. Finally I got to have schnitzel for dinner, I have only been talking about having one since we got to Germany, no more like since we got to Europe. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations, now I'm not saying it wasn't good I just made the mistake of having an American westernized schnitzel before hand. The others who tried my dinner really liked it, and they had no expectations for taste and preparedness. Despite that fact that it didn't live up to my expectations I didn't hesitate to finish my plate. After dinner i came home to the hostel to find a handful of my friends (both men and women) in our room playing cards. It felt so nice to have us all together like that outside of our academic atmosphere.