Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 4 ( dance, dance, dance)-Paris

There is only way to describe my day today, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Despite the extremely hot weather, I started my day off feeling very accomplished. My partner Darren and I teamed up and went on a hunt for unique apparel. His marketing research topic is men’s apparel, which compliments my topic of dance apparel very well. We were both looking for independent businesses; the main difference is that the stores that I am researching cater to a specific niche. I had done previous research at home for dance apparel stores in the city of Paris, so we headed to a store that I had found called Repetto. We found the store instantly, and I literally jumped for joy. I felt like I was in a dancer’s heaven. I’ve never seen a wall of ballet shoes before, and in Paris I got just that. I cannot wait to see how the other stores in Paris compare to this one.