Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day Seventeen Trip to HomeToGo

This week is going by so quickly!

            Today the marketing group took a company visit to a small company called HomeToGo. I joined the group after eating to walk to the company together and catch the train there. Once we arrived at the site, we all immediately noticed how much the building resembled a prison. It was colossal, with darkened bricks and very narrow windows. Despite the resemblance, the building was gorgeous. We were all ushered in and sat in a nicely decorated room.  The company floor was much more laid-back than the other companies we had previously visited, and I found it to be very comfortable. We were even handed gifts after the presentation!
            Once my head was filled with tons of information regarding the company, I went back to the hostel and ate lunch. I caught up on assignments for the rest of the day and ate dinner at the hostel. It was my first German meal and I enjoyed every morsel.