Friday, July 31, 2015

(Day 16) Reichtag

Today was a pretty cool day, after waking up a little later than usual my research partner and I was ready to take on Berlin. Since we aren't too familiar with Berlin yet, first we went with Dr. Shanklin to get a little lesson on how to work the berlin metro. The metro here is similar to the one in Paris although a little more complex, but anything is better than Amsterdam's tram system. My partners first interview was in the same direction as the activity Dr. Shanklin had for his class so we tagged along and he lead us to her first interview. As we walked up to the shop we noticed that someone was leaving and locking the doors and fortunately for my partner we agreed to stop and do a quick interview before he went on a 4 hour lunch break. After finishing her interview, we headed back to the hostel to meet the entire program for a trip to Reichtag, which is where the parliament and central government of Germany sits. Upon arriving, we went through security and then had our group split into two smaller groups. Our tour guide was very informative and at times even a little funny, he was able to make a tour about government actually interesting. One very cool part of the building was the glass dome located in the middle of the building that added to the modern interior of a vintage style building. After leaving the capital building a couple of peers and I went to a restaurant for some great food and we go just that. Today was definitely a good day in berlin and I'm ready to see what tomorrow holds.