Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 12 (Ridin’ Around Town)-Rotterdam

Bike Rental!!
What has two wheels, kills your legs, and runs the streets of The Netherlands?  That’s right, BIKES! I don’t think I’ve ridden a bike since middle school. Those were the days when we couldn’t drive, and it was cool to ride your bike around the neighborhood to visit your closest friends. In a city where bikes have the right of way and not pedestrians, today’s experience is definitely one for the books.

Rotterdam Cruise Ship Hotel

            Our marketing class took a one hour-long train ride to visit the streets of Rotterdam. After our arrival, we headed straight to the bike rental store to pick out our new rides! We had to ride pretty darn fast so that we wouldn’t miss our boat tour! We made it with perfect timing. There’s just something so beautiful about exploring the city from the waters. We laughed, we joked, compared Paris to The Netherlands, and had a great time! I think the most interesting part of the boat tour was seeing the old Rotterdam cruise ship that now operates as an on water hotel!
View from the Euromast
            After the boat tour, we rode to the very tip of the Euromast, which is the tallest tower in The Netherlands. The elevator to the top was a huge circle surrounded by windows. It reminded me of an amusement park ride; the ones that take you hundreds of feet into the air and then drop you suddenly! Luckily there was no drop, but there were a couple of bumps that made us a little nervous. Lol.

Deer feeding in the forest
            We had a nice class lunch together, and headed right back out into the streets. I definitely have a new appreciation for bikes that ride in the “bikes only” lanes of the city. There are just so many obstacles to look out for when you're riding, and one distraction could be tragic! Luckily, we're all bike pros so we all came out safely.
We ended our bike trip in Rotterdam with a cold drink by the lake and a deer feeding. Though the deer didn’t seem to like the food that I tried to feed them, and I have bruised my rear end from the bike seat, I had such great dayJ