Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 17 The day with the most emotional impact

Today is a day that will stand in my memory forever, and I know that may seem over confident but I can never forget the things I saw today. We went to Sachenhausen Concentration Camp, this wasn’t originally in our class schedule but so many of us wanted to go and tag along with the other classes that Dr. V actually bought our class the train tickets and allowed for us to go with the other classes. I stayed for a long as I could; I listened to every single audio message, including the additional interviews with surviving prisoners. It was definitely one of those experiences that you had to experience on your own, as soon as I got there I separated myself from the rest of the group and toured this alone. I learned so much today things I didn’t expect to learn, and most definitely things I didn’t expect to see, I'm so thankful Dr. V allowed for us to change his plans and come to Sachenhausen instead.